The Pubchurch Three Glasses


Get together with your mates and get a round in - between three and six people works best. Then simply follow  these headings:

Thank you - what are we grateful for?
Help me - what are the issues we’re facing?
Use me - how do we want to be useful?

A good way to finish the evening is with a final toast – To the King and the Kingdom!

A  really simple format –
No preparation, but more than just getting together for a beer. Obviously it can be adapted any way you like. It’s a user-friendly tool that can draw people on the fringes in wherever they are in their faith.

Pray with your eyes open –
A great way to introduce a person or situation into the evening is to make a toast, which in itself is a prayer.

So you just need to remember these three simple phrases –
- Thank You
- Help Me
- Use Me

This doesn't depend on literally drinking three glasses of anything – the title is just a handy way to remember.