What is pubchurch?

Something new is happening. All over the UK people are getting together in that most British of institutions, the local pub, to explore the Christian faith. They are often there because they feel more comfortable in that environment than in a church building. Some have links with more traditional forms of church, for others pubchurch is their church.

Pubchurch.co.uk exists to encourage the starting of new churches, small groups and church events based in pubs throughout the UK, to provide them with the support and resources they need and to network these various expressions of church together to build a pubchurch community.

Every pubchurch project will be unique because each situation is unique - from a small group meeting in the corner of the pub to a full blown event involving large numbers.

So why not get involved? You may already be running church in a pub and want to network with others or you might be aiming to start something in your area. Drop us a line and introduce yourself.