We value fun

Jesus was fun to be with and people wanted him to come to their parties. This didn’t mean that he didn’t take life seriously or that he didn’t have more than his fair share of pain. Jesus wept – at Lazarus’ tomb, over Jerusalem and in the garden of Gethsemane. But the overwhelming picture of Jesus is of a man full of life who told great stories.

  • We want to overflow with his life.
  • We believe it’s valid to ask the question, ‘where’s the fun in it?’
  • We don’t want to do things that aren’t enjoyable if we don’t have to.


We value community

Following Jesus means being part of Jesus’ people. The church offers us friendship, support, encouragement and a place to work out together what it means to follow Jesus in our culture.

  • The church is very good news. We want to be welcoming and affirm the people God brings our way. We want to invite our friends to join us on the journey.
  • We believe that people are ‘in’ until they opt ‘out’. People want to belong before they believe.


We value generosity

We want to break free of our human selfishness and show the kind of generosity that God has shown us.

  • We believe that mean-spiritedness has no place in God’s kingdom.
  • We want to think the best of others and treat them graciously.
  • We believe that Scripture is clear that the poor and needy should be our first priority and we want to support them at home and overseas.


We value diversity

We believe that pubchurch will reflect a whole range of church styles and denominations.

  • We are committed to concentrating on the things that unite us.
  • We believe that unity comes about as we put Christ at the centre and are open to the leading of His Spirit.
  • We believe that Jesus words must be taken seriously – ‘love one another as I have loved you’.